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A Few Facts About Geico Auto Insurance

Geico is certainly a well-known brand, but is it the right car insurance company for you?

This page:

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Lists the types of discount that could be available to you

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A little about Geico

With their ubiquitous Gecko mascot, Geico has become one of the better-know brands in America, and arguably the best-known brand in the auto insurance sector.

Who hasn't heard the tagline "a 15 minute call could save you 15% on your car insurance"?

A wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, the Warren Buffet-owned mega-corporation with its fingers in everything, Geico is advancing steadily in the auto insurance field. Though it does not operate in all 50 states, (Massachusetts drivers, you're out of luck), Geico DOES provide some of the most competitive rates in the country, especially to drivers who have a hard time getting coverage elsewhere. If you find yourself in this situation, be sure to pay them a visit, and get a quote.

Commitment to the military

Founded in 1936, the Government Employees Insurance COrporation, has always taken pride in serving U.S. military personnel and their families. According to their website:

GEICO provides discount programs and service options that can best serve U.S. troops at home and overseas during wartime as well as peacetime.

So if you're in the military, you may have yet another good reason to visit Geico for a quote.

Discounts for everyone:

It's not like Geico offers discounts to soldiers only: if you fit certain criteria, you may be able to snag a lower rate than your neighbor who drives the same car as you.

Here's a (partial) list of discounts:

Five-year accident-free good driver.
Anti-theft system.
Mature defensive driving course.
Senior-Level Federal Employee.

(If you're a New Jersey resident, you will also get a discount, of sorts: Geico recently became the only insurer to offer instant online quotes and coverage to NJ drivers, and this means that if you get a quote from them now, you'll probably get a discount over what you're currently paying.)

Other insurance services

Of course, our mantra is, compare quotes. And at Geico, you only get Geico quotes.

To remedy this, visit ComparisonMarket, where you can compare quotes from up to ten insurers with just one form.

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