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Find Local Insurance Agents through Netquote

If you want additional guidance when selecting your auto insurance coverage options, it may be a good idea to consult with a local agent. Netquote's free service will provide you with up to five competing quotes from agents in your area, who will work with you to design a policy to fit your exact needs.

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Describes how Netquote's auto insurance service works

Helps you get up to five online auto insurance quotes

How Netquote works

Netquote is a completely Internet-based insurance shopping service. You fill out one online application, and Netquote submits it to qualified car insurance companies in your area.

Netquote will send you an instant email informing you of which local companies and agents would like to contact you. Within the next few days (but often within hours or even minutes), an agent from each qualified company will contact you with more information or simply send you online auto insurance quotes.

The service usually provides quotes from between three to five car insurance companies, though that may vary depending on where you live.

Netquote operates in all fifty states, which gives it a leg up on most competitors. The shopping process is easy, and you can manage it with just one application. However, because it relies on local agents to provide quotes, it's service is slower then that of ComparisonMarket, which allows you to get an instant online quote, and purchase your policy right there from its website. If speed is more your thing, visit ComparisonMarket.

Other resources

Netquote provides a great service, but because of how the auto insurance industry works, sometimes they may not be able to find a provider in your area.

Also, if you don't currently have insurance, you will most likely not be able to get a quote from them.

If this happens, it doesn't mean you can't get an online car insurance quote. You may simply need to try a different service. Fortunately, we can find local auto insurance providers pretty much no matter where you live.

Our state-by-state guides explain the auto insurance laws and options in your state and can help you find local car insurance companies who offer cheap coverage in your area (all online!). Just go to our the state list, click on your state, and shop away!

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