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What you'll learn, day-by-day:

Here's the five day "lesson plan":

DAY 1: We'll review the basic coverage options on an auto policy, just to be sure we're on the same page. If you've carried auto insurance for a while, this might seem like old hat. But don't worry, we'll be brief.

DAY 2: The mechanics of auto insurance (how it all works).
This may sound obvious, but it's not. We'll examine exactly where your premium dollar goes to get a better grasp of what you're really paying your insurance company for. You might be surprised.

DAY 3: The philosophy of Insurance.
Okay, this sounds a little dry, but it's actually our favorite day. Don't skip it, especially if you have multiple kinds of insurance policies (like health or life or homeowners). We're going to look at the logic behind insurance to decide which coverages are worth their cost.
This will help you save on other types of insurance too!

DAY 4: Getting the right policy at the right price.
The most important day (as if you couldn't guess!) Now that you know what kind of coverage you need (and why you need it,) we're going to put our shoulders to the wheel and help you find the right policy at the lowest possible cost!

DAY 5: How to keep lowering costs.
You have your low auto insurance quote in hand. Now we'll tell you how to cut your costs even further over time.

Clear, simple, and just five minutes a day. Did we mention free?

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