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Choosing Your Car Insurance Coverage Options

Most drivers need help setting car insurance limits that are both safe and affordable. This consumer's guide to car insurance is chock full of tips that will help you do just that.

This car insurance guide:

Recommends safe levels of mandatory coverage (like liability)

Describes how you can lower your premium on optional policies

Explains how you can save more with discount car insurance

Yes, You CAN Save Up To $500 On Your Auto Policy

All insurers promise to save you 20% or hundreds of dollars on your car insurance, but is it really possible?

It *is* possible if you find the insurer that fits both your vehicle and your driving profile. And to find the right insurer, you have to compare as many quotes as possible.

Luckily you can do it right here, with one simple form. Just enter your ZIP code below to start comparing quotes from insurers right in your neighborhood:

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Car insurance that is right for you.

Car insurance is a trade off. More security means a larger premium, while budgeting too closely can leave you without the protection you want. However, you can design a car insurance plan that will cover your needs without costing you an arm and a leg.

We recommend that you read all three sections of our consumer's guide to car insurance to make sure that you understand everything that will go into your premium:

  1. Standard Liability Insurance explains how much basic liability insurance you should carry, and why.

  2. Uninsured and Medical tells you why you need to protect yourself against drivers with little or no insurance, and whether you need medical protection

  3. Collision & Comprehensive explains how best to protect yourself with collision and comprehensive coverages, as well as how to save money on optional endorsements

  4. Discount Auto Insurance shows you how you can save more on your premium if you qualify for certain discounts.

Our FAQs section also contains anwers to basic questions about choosing car insurance. Check out What Coverage do I Need?

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