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Classic Car Insurance

Finding good classic automobile car insurance can be hard when so many providers only cover newer models. But shopping online for classic and collector auto insurance is easier than ever.

This page:

  • Describes the qualifications for classic car insurance

  • Finds a classic auto insurance provider to fit your needs

Collector auto insurance

If your vehicle qualifies as a collector's piece, you should be able to get a very good classic car insurance quote online.

In order to qualify:
your classic car must be kept in a locked garage
the vehicle must not be used for regular daily driving
the car's principal driver must have a good record
you must maintain a regular-use insurance policy on another car
policy holder cannot have any major driving violations within the
    past few years

If your vehicle and usage fit these criteria, we recommend Hagerty Classic Car Insurance Company. They offer reasonable rates on classic automobile car insurance around the country.

However, in addition to the qualifications listed above, Hagerty Classic Car Insurance does have some additional criteria on the age and type of vehicle to be insured. Often sedans and newer luxury cars don't qualify.

But if your car is too young or driven too often, you're not out of luck. You may still be able to get (even cheaper) coverage through a more general auto insurer.

More classic car insurance

if your classic car is driven too often or is too young to qualify for collector auto insurance, you may be able to insure it with a general auto insurance provider.

While it's true that many insurers today don't offer classic car insurance, you can find policies online, at very reasonable rates.

We like Insweb, becasue they'll find several insurers who want your business from one easy online application. You choose who you want to hear from, and you'll have a classic car insurance quote via email in as little as a few seconds.

And we've found Insweb to be very flexible when it comes to the age and desired coverage of your vehicle. A lot of insurance companies aren't. So apply now, or learn more about how their auto insurance quotes work.

Want help choosing the right amount of coverage? Let our car insurance guide help.

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