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Auto Insurance Discounts for Military Personnel

If you or a close family member are in the military, you may qualify for special discounts with certain insurance companies.

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If you're in the military, you may be on a tight budget. While cost of living in the United States has been rising at an accelerated pace, military pay and benefits have not kept up (some have even been cut).

But if you're smart, you can make up for this with the discounts that many companies offer to soldiers and their families, either out of sheer patriotism, or simply out of the knowledge that military men and women often make good customers.

One area where you can definitely save some dough is auto insurance.

Military Discounts

Probably the best-known company to offer discounts to soldiers and their families is Geico Direct. (You know, with the Gecko mascot...)

The company actually started as an insurer for noncommissioned-officers and high-grade government employees, and although they now offer coverage to practically everyone, they still pay special attention to their military customers, to whom they offer special discounts and programs.

According to Geico's website:

If you are on active duty, retired from the military, or a member of the National Guard or Reserves, you may be eligible for a discount of up to 15 percent on your total insurance premium.

There are also special discounts for troops deployed into special areas designated by the DoD as imminent-danger-pay areas.

In addition, if your duties require you to store your vehicle for 30 days or more, GEICO can suspend or reduce your insurance coverage. This benefit can save you some serious money, along with providing you with a way to maintain continuity of coverage, which is important to insurers, who prefer customers who've had uninterrupted insurance for a certain period of time.

Some discounts also apply to members of professional military associations and organizations, including:

Air Force Association
Fleet Reserve Association
Navy Federal Credit Union
Marine Corps League
Association of the United States Army
Air Force Sergeants Association
National Military Family Association
Pentagon Federal Credit Union
U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association.

Visit Geico today to see if you qualify for a special rate.

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