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Free Car Insurance Leads for Agents

If you're an insurance professional, you know that having the most detailed car insurance lead information from prospective customers will help you assist them in making the best possible insurance purchase decision.

Through our partner network, we provide the most detailed and accurate car insurance leads in the industry. And now, you can get 15 free car insurance leads, (up to a $200 value) just for signing up and checking out the service. No further obligation is required.

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Sample Preferred Plus Car Insurance Lead:

Contact Can Be Reached At:
Name: Smith, John Home:(505) 555-1234
Address 1234 Main Street Work: (505) 555-1234
City/St/Zip: Anytown, CO 80206 Fax:
County: Denver
Address 2:  
City/St/Zip: Respond Time: Within 24 Hours
Insurance Information:
Continuously Insured for the past 58 Months With State Farm
Multi-Policy Discount : Yes Expires:12/31/2009
Residence: Own At this Address Since: 03/01/2002
Credit Rating: Good Bankruptcy:No Repo/Collections: No
Liability Information:
BI: $100,000/300,000 UI:$100,000/$300,000  
Driver 1:
Name: Smith, John  
License: SSN: Gender: M
Age: 41 Licensed:25 Years DUI/60 mos:No
D.O.B.: 07/06/1967 Drv Training:No SR22 Req:No
State Licensed: CO Valid License: Yes Lic Susp/60 mos:No
Marital Status: Married Ever Military:No US Resident/12 mos:Yes
Occupation: Scientist Years In Field:3
Education: Bachelor Degree Good Student:No
Vehicle 1:
Vehicle:2005 Acura MDX 4WD Wagon 4 Door
Driver Name:Smith, John Drive ID:1
VIN:IH4DB8590T0000000 Leased:NO Garage Zip: 80202
Cylinders: 6 Four WD:Yes Turbo: No
Air Bags: Yes Anti-Theft:Yes ABS: Yes
Auto Seatbelts: Yes      
Usage: Commute Work Weekly Days:5 Comp : $250
Annual Miles: 12,000 Commute Miles/Day: 5 Coll: $500
Incidents Information:
No incidents information provided  
Questions and Comments:
No comments provided  

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