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Smart Optional Car Insurance

There are some car insurance policies that most drivers simply pay too much for. Not you! With a few small changes, you'll be on your way to cheaper car insurance.

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Explains when you need voluntary policies and when you don't

Helps you decide where to set your deductible

Rates the importance of car insurance policy extras

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Save on Collision and Comprehensive

The best way to save money on car insurance is to keep a high deductible on both of these policies.

A low deductible may seem to be worth the comfort of never having to fork over $500 or $1000 for car repairs before your insurance kicks in. But it usually isn't.

Consider that raising your deductible by as little as $250 can buy you a couple hundred thousand dollars more worth of liability coverage. Which will make you feel more secure? Paying even $1000 for repairs beats paying 100 times that for someone else's hospital bills!

And a lot drivers are paying for these types of coverage when they really shouldn't be. If you're driving an older car with a very low resale value, the cost of comprehensive and collision coverages for a couple of years may be costing you more than the car is worth!

For cheaper car insurance, consider dropping these policies altogether, especially if you have a poor driving record that inflates your rates.

These policies are not worthless. If you drive a new car, you need them. But you shouldn't carry them in place of reasonable levels of other types of coverage. See how low your premiums can be: get free instant quotes at Netquote and ComparisonMarket.

Save on Car Insurance Endorsements

Car insurance endorsements include coverage for towing, on-site labor, and rental car expenses. These are inexpensive car insurance policies, but they're not always necessary.

Weigh their benefits versus cost. You may be able to earn a lower premium by going without them.

Towing and labor insurance is popular but usually not very economical. We recommend going with an auto club like AAA for towing and labor protection instead.

The price is similar, and auto clubs provide a lot of other additional services for their members. Dealing with an auto club will also be a lot less hassle than filing a claim every time you use the service.

Daily rental insurance may be a better deal, especially if you're a driver who really relies on their car. The cost is low and the convenience level high. However, if you have other forms of transportation available (another car, a car pool, public transport) you might want to pass. You'll get cheaper car insurance.

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